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PeaceIt amazes me how fast the world is changing now, compared to until just 20 years ago. It seems like whole human race is streamlining and every individual’s effort is contributing to some kind of progress for whole humanity instead of  just one locality.  Internet has brought almost everyone on the same page and now we are putting the building blocks on top of each other and shaping the world together.

While the whole world is moving forward, sadly there is a part of the world that is not. There are heartbreaking, devastating and tragic events that happen more often now than ever before. Whenever a news break about people dying in conflicts (wars, communal riots, bomb/terrorist attacks) it not only fills my heart with deep sorrow, it also triggers a series of questions in my mind.

We all know that it is like a clean slate when a baby is born because all babies are born innocent. Most of them grow up with their loving families where we assume that they would only learn to love. Then I wonder how and when the resentment or hatred or anger is born in their minds and who should be responsible for cultivating their minds with all this. What is the root cause?

Just with a little bit of more thinking, I have started to realize that we ourselves are, and I mean “we all” are responsible for the chaos all over the world. We may feel ourselves isolated from it but we are actually not. We may be lucky for not being part of any such conflict but we all are still contributing to it. Here is how.

Throughout the childhood a child is mostly trained to believe that the family he is born in, or the community he belongs to or the religion his family follows or the culture with he is being brought up with or the country he is citizen of is the best. You may ask, what’s wrong in that? If you think about it little more, you may realize that by teaching him all that we are actually teaching him “I/We am/are the best“. This also means that everything else is not as good as him/his. Everything else or everyone else can only be inferior to what he is or he has or he belongs to. For a child, pride kicks in quickly and he (the child) accepts “I’m the best/We are the best” with a great pride. The child grows up with this belief and turns into a teenager and then a full adult and during this period he inculcates his identity with the implicit-belief that everything/everyone else is inferior in some ways.

Now think about natural aggression of young age in a young adult who is proud of his superior identity and beliefs and then imagine how vulnerable he would be when his identity and beliefs are challenged or provoked. Think about mature adults who have ability to influence young adults for their own political motivations and vested interests. Put everything together and see how easy it is for young adults to become exploitable component of any conflict by politically motivated mature adults.

Many times, we as parents do the ground work for our children to become vulnerable while trying to make them feel better about themselves. We need to make sure, We are very careful when boasting about our family values, community, religion country etc. We don’t want to make them feel superior than others and indirectly encouraging them to feel inferior and less respectful about others as this may just back-fire one day.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem and solution is very simple looking but will take at least a generation to implement it. All we have to do is to teach our children equality and respect. We need to start from day one when the child start interacting with parents. We need to teach our children that people around us may look differently, may do things differently, may speak different language, may celebrate different festivals, may wear clothes differently, may follow different religion, may have different level of abilities or skills, may work at different levels, may eat different food but they all deserve equal respect and affection. We all need to learn to respect every human being.  We need to stop them grouping against individuals or other groups. We all need to do it together and we all need to do it now. Although, this may be challenging for those who already have inherited or acquired extreme hate for others because of personal losses, but for the sake of better world tomorrow for our children, we need to cut that “hate” off with our generation.

Feel free to comment and share so the message is spread around. we need to stop the madness now.

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