Mind-Refreshing-SunriseFor those who are curious and believe in believing the One, this blog is about the mystical web of connections that answers the unanswered and for others, it is a fictional imagination that will swirl down to a path where curiosity will be born and rest will grow into you while digging for the answers.

Far from here, behind the black holes, where the dark tunnel ends, where rules of physics don’t work and length, width, depth are not the dimensions, there exist an ocean of consciousness. One could only be aware of its presence or could only experience it or could only feel it through the belief,  meditation and experimentation as it is beyond the physical world.

The ocean that is evolving endlessly is working like a self sustaining system that must rigor each of its drop so it relinquish its impurities of previous state to attain newer, purer state. Each drop or chunk of it must enter the world of physics to go through the journey in time and rigor itself through various forms. While existing in physical form and changing it, time to time, from one to another, it must follow the rules of physical world, like “created” and then to be “destroyed” to become something else. Every form is a  reason for another to exist and all of them together are keeping the physical world in existence and evolving at the same time. Many of these forms, although appear to be non living, deaf and blind to us, but being otherwise, have their own way to influence others.

There are no accidents or co-incidents rather they are part of journey of learning and experiencing to result into purer consciousness. Conflicts are designed to create struggles among these forms so that it enforces survival of the fittest and only the best remains. All other forms are pushed to change to another form and to evolve into something else so it could again join the struggle. As an example, everything in universe move randomly so it can collide or influence each other so the weaker could vanish or change into something else. This is basic instinct of the physical world.

“Life” is a milestone in this process and it is a big one. It is only the result of a long journey from rocks and fires to water, to simple organisms, to complex to more complex living systems. It is a phase that allows intelligence to be born and develop during the course of several lives. Life is a transitioning point from world of rocks and fires to the world of intellect. In the world of rocks and fires, struggles are random collisions whereas for living ones, to start with, struggle is to eat and live. Bigger to eat smaller and powerful to eat weaker, only to keep best one going. Anything that lives has these basic instincts.

Humans, the more complex form of existence, who are still struggling to overcome their animal instincts, but carry the consciousness that marks the starting point where the next level of purity in the ocean begins. It is the level where intellectual dimension of evolution begins and start merging into the super intellect of the ocean of the consciousness.

The struggles among humans are again the designed ones. Eat and live is not the only requirements anymore and if it was, then how will the intellect grow.  Added to basic animal instincts, is the emotions, like love, ego, pride, greed, jealousy etc., only to make struggle complex enough to match the ability of humans. Emotions that makes one feel better or worst than others is only there to play its role to create struggle so one can evolve intellectually. All of this must exist to create struggle in mind so mind could grow. While we humans are still learning to co-exist it will take us a long time to really understand that we all come from the same world and have the same goal and that is to purify the tiny drop of the consciousness within ourselves and in others if we could, so we contribute to the purifying evolution of the ocean.

Since humans have developed mind, it enables them to realize the presence of  the consciousness within themselves.  The knowledge, realization and belief  of the same can also enable connecting ones consciousness with others,  and directly with the ocean itself through focused prayers, meditation and strong will. Once connected, the connection becomes the channel of communication and energy. It  is like hooking up the computer with internet. Once connected one computer can communicate with all other computers in the network including the main system itself, or like a usb drives that not only energize itself from usb port, but also communicates with it.

If thought, little more deeper, at the end it doesn’t really matter how everything ends up the way it exist now, what matters is how we handle it. Conflicts are there and will remain there as they are caused by basic instincts of existence, but understanding them and putting intentional efforts against the conflicts for the benefit of everything instead of just self being, could bring everything in sync resulting into faster evolution of  intellectual dimension. 

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  • Keerthi Kariappa says:

    Good post, though I must say that it wasn’t an easy read.. a lot of content. It took some time since it needed a focused attention, hence the delay in replying. Good going Manoj. Looking forward to more

  • Ameet Mattoo says:

    First of all, many congratulations for the very pretty web page of yours.
    Also, I must say I am very impressed with your writing style. It sounds very professional.
    Regarding OMG, from a very content point of view, it is an amalgamation of religion and vedantic philosophy. What is found missing in it was your personal experience, hence it sounded very conceptual. The juice in a write-up gets added by adding authors personal experience, which helps the readers to connect with the article. It is my personal view.
    Thanks for sharing the article with me and keep on writing.

  • Sameer Tikoo says:

    very profound indeed…it takes a different class of audience to appreciate this kind of blog…however this definitely adds to the variety of your writing!

  • Sunil Razdan says:

    This is very profound stuff! I will need to read it at least half a dozen times to understand.

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