Why BJP in Delhi?

  • By manoj
  • 20 January, 2015
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With Congress completely out of the race, and not so perfect but definitely more organised BJP, may still turn out to be the best bet for Delhi voters when strong headed Kiran Bedi (who has been known for her “do the right thing” attitude) is named as CM candidate. 

While on the other hand Mr Kejariwal who is struggling to gain the same confidence from delhiites as he had during last elections, may not be best choice this time. Primary reason for that being the lack of experience in politics and incompetence of party members has failed AAP to restore its chaotic image that was shaped during 49 days of ruling. To make it even worst Shazia Ilmi, the x-spokes person of AAP who now has turned BJP member and BJP spokesperson, is doing a great job on exposing internal weaknesses of AAP. Although Mr Kejariwal has not shown a single sign of losing any confidence but for overenthusiastic AAP with all these dents, losing this elections is imminent. 

On the positive note, AAP has improvised overall quality of indian politics and made a way for good people to come up and lead in politics. It is worth noticing that If it was not Arvind Kejariwal as main opponent, then Kiran may had never gotten this opportunity from BJP.  So the bottom line is that,  even after giving in so much to the nation and to the Indian politics Mr Kejariwal may still need to wait before he becomes the CM again

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